A. Financial

Workplace StressAccording to the Health & Safety Executive:

As well as reducing sickness absence costs to an organisation, tackling stress can have a positive effect on:

See the HSE’s 'Improving Efficiency Guide' [76kb] for more information on how tackling stress at work can improve your organisation's bottom line.

B. Legal

Companies & Organisations have a legal, financial and moral duty of care in assisting employees to maintain their mental health within the workplace. Employees likewise have a legal duty of care, being required to ensure that they are not harmed by stress, as well as ensuring that others are not harmed by their actions.

C. Moral

The word “STRESS” is sometimes looked upon as a weakness, but the word “PRESSURE”, when used in the context of a person dealing with pressure, is seen as a strength.

A person will often say that they need stress to work well, but perhaps that is better expressed by: “I work better under pressure”, rather than “I work better under stress”. According to many leading organisations, including ISMA(UK) Ltd, (International Stress Management Association), there is no such thing as good stress.

As a human being, we all have pressures put upon us – and we all have coping mechanisms to deal with that pressure. But, it is when the pressure put upon us exceeds our coping mechanisms, that we are stressed. Equally, too little pressure can also lead to stress.

In order to counteract the effects that stress causes within an organisation, Offshore Resilience Limited is able to provide individually tailored courses to meet the needs of your organisation.